Ken Black

Jewelry Photo

A few weeks ago I purchased some man made pink sapphires. For those that don’t know I also make jewelry along with also doing photography. The truth is jewelry and photography compliment each other. However that is another discussion in it self. Once the sapphires were set in crown bezel wire it was time to create a composition piece. I contemplated using white plexiglass but that photo has been done so many times I decided to move on. I went on a few more days looking for some ideas when I ran across some really interesting textured paper that had the resemblance of flowers. I got the paper and I knew at the moment how this photo was going to play out. That is right flowers.

Now for the technical. Once I composed the image I used a 85/f1.8 lens with a lens extender to turn the lens into pseudo macros lens. I also used two Profoto lights one for the back light and the other, using a soft light modifier, for filling in most of the shadows.

Pink sapphire earrings with rose background